Patent License and Patent Marketing Rights Granted to the RTC
  On September 15,2010 RTC renewed its right to market and license patent rights to two health care patents in retail telemedicine (E-Visit and/or Web-Visit  technology) where various retailers (retail stores, insurance companies, web developers and/or kiosk owners) act as the financial middleman between doctors and patients having E-Visit consultations via the Internet.

The recent industry-wide acceptance of this technology made non-exclusive licensing a sensible, cost-effective way to allow broad use of the technology while simultaneously preserving our rights and our rural health care mission.

For those companies who are now incorporating E-Visits or plan to incorporate E-Visits into its product line,  our grantor, Medcom Technology Associates, Inc., continues to offer commercial license opportunities.

RTC still a license to develop and use this technology for the benefit of our rural health care initiative and our Voluntary Licensing Program has been extended.

Licenses are offered on a non-exclusive, non-discriminatory, fully paid-up basis and provide an irrevocable Patent License for a Licensee's services and activities in the fields of E-Visits and telehealth services. For example, the patients, hospitals, clinics, doctors, nurses, health care providers, retailers, pharmacies, representatives, customers, and other participants in the Licensee's services and activities may be licensed under the Licensed Patents for their services and activities while conducting Licensee's business.

RTC has the exclusive right to market this patent and the portfolio to the benefit of our organization via the Voluntary Licensing Program. A license to this technology may offer a company significant commercial advantages in the market in the coming years, as well as past, present and future patent protection. A Voluntary License offers broad, permanent and cost effective protection as a firm moves forward with various online care initiatives. At a minimum, a license to this technology allows a company  the freedom to conduct E-Visits and online consultations on its own terms, using whatever technology or technology vendor they choose.

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