American Health Information Management Association
http://www.ahima.org - AHIMA is the premier association of health information management (HIM) professionals.  AHIMA is committed to advancing the HIM profession in an increasingly electronic and global environment through leadership in advocacy, education, and certification.

American Telemedicine Association
- the leading resource and advocate promoting access to medical care for consumers and health professionals via telecommunications technology.

Association of Telemedicine Service Providers http://www.atsp.org
The ATSP was created to meet the information, management, and policy needs of health care providers that are, or expect to be, providers of telemedicine services. The Association's long-term goal is to make telemedicine live up to its potential as a valuable and economically viable way of providing health care services.

Center for Telehealth and E-health Law  http://www.ctel.org/ The Center for Telehealth and E-Health Law (CTEL) is a non-profit entity founded by organization committed to providing high quality patient services through the use of telemedicine and telehealth systems throughout the United States and the world.

Certification Commission for Healthcare Information Technology http://www.cchit.org/

CCHIT is a recognized certification body (RCB) for electronic health records and their networks, and an independent, voluntary, private-sector initiative.  Their mission is to accelerate the adoption of health information technology by creating an efficient, credible and sustainable product certification program.

Connecting for Health 
Connecting for Health is a public-private collaborative of more than 100 organizations. Connecting for Health is working to realize the full potential of information technology in health and health care, while protecting patient privacy and the security of personal health information. Connecting for Health was created by the Markle Foundation, and, is led and managed by Markle. The collaborative is funded by both Markle and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.

Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society http://www.himss.org HIMSS is the health care industry's professional organization exclusively focused on providing leadership for the optimal use of health care information technology (IT) and management systems for the betterment of human health.

National Health Information Network Watch
 NHINWatch.com is the most comprehensive Web site covering the creation of a Nationwide Health Information Network in the United States. NHINWatch.com is constantly updated with news from around the Internet and shares in-depth information, key resources and the latest news on  RHIO activities and announcements, federal initiatives, privacy and security concerns, private and public funding, and viable business models, and NHIN architectural developments.  See also :Healthcare IT News http://www.healthcareitnews.com

National Library of Medicine

National Rural Health Association
 The National Rural Health Association, a member association of more than 10,000, is THE voice of rural health, promoting leadership, communication, education, research, and advocacy since 1978. The NRHA answers the call for rural health assistance in many forms. From educational events to Congressional testimony, and from publications to model programs, the NRHA serves as a resource to keep members apprised of and involved in changing rural events, and as an advocacy trainer and partner to influence change that keeps rural communities healthy and viable.

The Telemedicine Information Exchange

Center (TRC) is a non-profit public service research organization headquartered in Portland, Oregon.

United South and Eastern Tribes, Inc
. http://www.usetinc.org USET is dedicated to enhancing the development of Indian Tribes, to improving the capabilities of Tribal governments, and assisting the member Tribes and their governments in dealing effectively with public policy issues and in serving the broad needs of Indian people. They are the primary unity organization representing federally recognized Indian Tribes located east of the Mississippi River.

USC-Columbia Technology Incubator
The University of South Carolina's Columbia Technology Incubator program has accepted RTC into its technology incubation program.  This program will allow RTC to tap into the rich intellectual resources of the University of South Carolina as well as develop initial business relationships that will be crucial to the development of a broader, national network of clients.

Western Medical Care, Inc. http://www.WesternMedicalCare.com
Our commercial technology sponsor