Current Projects Include

In addition to our research, we are also working on the following projects and technologies:

Virtual Private Electronic Records Search (ViPER) Transfer Network - We are developing a security engine for HIPAA compliant search and transfer of  electronic medical records (Screenshot). Included are data conversion utilities,  validation systems and audit features to allow users carefully controlled, monitored access to secure member networks and Regional Health Information Organizations (RHIOs). The system will allow the secure exchange and transfer of patient data between disparate health care entities and data platforms by offering each provider a data portal and 3rd party management of searches and all transaction. As a service acting as a 3rd party transfer agent, RTC will ask each pre-validated party (manually or electronically) two basic questions A) What records do you have and under which conditions are you willing to share them, or 2) What records do you seek and what authority do you have to receive them. RTC's service  will become a record locator service and a clearing house for both senders and receivers. RTC has a development and application use license to all non-profit applications of this patent pending technology. Additionally, RTC has the right to sublicense the technology and the applications to other non-profits or organizations who work to support constituents similar to our own.

Indian Needs Assessment - We are meeting with tribal representatives in several Southeastern
states to assess and prioritize needs and logistical issues where telemedicine and telehealth
could provide the most impact. Grant writing partnerships and technology sharing with multiple
entities is likely.

Rural Community Needs Assessment - We are meeting with county and government health
officials to identify key areas of weakness in existing services in which Telemedicine and
Telehealth could be beneficial in both expanding coverage areas and cost savings in existing
areas. Reductions of travel time and expenses is the primary factor under consideration.
Remote monitoring of high risk medical patients and social services applications are also being

Indigent Care Needs Assessment - We are currently considering a telemedicine installation
at a senior care, HUD apartment building. Several different locations are being reviewed.